Today, making the best financial decisions is more complex than ever before. The countless resources that claim to provide simple solutions to your problems may compound an already confusing situation. Often, actions and decisions in one area have impact and consequences in another. 

Norton Financial Consultants provides an organized and sequential way of prioritizing your goals, determining the best course of action to arrive at your goals, and implementing your financial plan.

Our tailor-made wealth management plans include:

  • Cash flow planning—Make the best use of income, identifying capacity to save and invest
  • Risk management—Access the best form and kind of insurances: life, disability, and long-term care 
  • Tax planning—Strategies to manage income tax liability and reduce its impact over time
  • Multigenerational Wealth Manangement—Strategies to pass on assets in accordance with your goals and objectives in the most tax-efficient manner possible
  • Investment strategies—Investments tailored to help you attain your goals and objectives
  • Retirement planning—Strategies to maintain lifestyle during retirement
  • Educational funding—Planning and preparing for college expenses
  • Business planning and employee benefits—Planning for business owners, strategies for saving taxes and targeting wealth, and guidance on qualified retirement plans and health insurance
  • Executive compensation planning—Retirement plan options, executive stock options, deferred compensation, and employer-provided benefits