Our Philosophy

Norton Financial Consultants is an independent financial planning firm. We assist our clients in the fulfillment of their financial planning objectives by taking a step-by-step approach to wealth management. We complete extensive data gathering to understand your current financial position and your financial goals and objectives. We prepare and present a financial plan tailored to your specific situation and needs, and we follow through on the implementation process to be sure our suggestions and recommendations are put into action. Together, we will go through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a financial plan customized to your needs.

NFC subscribes to the belief that ideas are not enough and considers the plan implementation essential. Our position as an independent financial planning firm allows us to coordinate efforts with your existing advisors. Once the plan is established, careful monitoring and periodic review are necessary to keep the plan in harmony with your continuing goals and objectives. We offer you an environment where you can feel confident that:

  • You can expect prompt replies from us to your directions or inquiries
  • Your money is working toward your goals effectively
  • Your wishes and opinions will be respected
  • Your needs are taken into account
  • Your investments are recommended because they are best for you
  • You have access to independent research and information to help you make informed decisions

Providing financial planning and wealth management services for more than four decades has shown that this simple yet tailored approach has helped us guide our clients to pursue their goals and has produced many rewarding relationships along the way.

Norton Financial Consultants will:

  • Get to know you, your dreams, your goals, and your performance expectations
  • Educate you on the options available to pursue your goals
  • Make investment decisions with you, not for you
  • Provide periodic updates on the performance of your investments to ensure that you are arriving at your benchmarks and goals
  • Remain in contact with you throughout our relationship and encourage you to contact us to discuss any change in your goals or other factors that may impact your investment decisions